Social Media and SEO industries are Booming!

digital marketing trends

Not sure you noticed but social media and the SEO industries are growing like crazy and many businesses are finally realizing they need a website, digital marketing, and a social media presence.

Most small business are catching up to Fortune 500 brands and are finally getting with the program for their businesses but are still slowly adopting.

A few people getting attention around the social media space is Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuk they are snapping and instagramming their lives on a daily basis showing their two different ways and styles on how they made millions using social media platforms. Tai Lopez even has a social media marketing agency course with high reviews and is better social media training then going to college.

Another area of digital marketing that is growing and still doing very well for the small business space is SEO or Search Engine Optimization and they are hiring local SEO companies in their marketplace. For example if they are in Phoenix AZ they might be searching “SEO agencies in Phoenix, AZ” or if they are in Beverly Hills, CA they will search “SEO Expert Beverly Hills, CA” ect..

And if you can be a choice on the first page of Google you can earn the business. As well as if you were to help a certain niche like Cosmetic or Plastic Surgeons and they searched “plastic surgery marketing” ect..

I recently noticed even music production and audio engineering schools using social media platforms other than instagram like soundcloud that is “niche” social media platform for their industry which is really smart. And a local Scottsdale Barber Shop, Blurred Lines using Instagram social media to grow their business

As you can see the Social Media and SEO industries are booming and its best to find social media blogs or SEO blogs to stay up to date with the latest trends or what’s going on with SEO in 2017 as an example.